Alpine Blossom

I took back to the mountains on Sunday and this time I have decided to do something new. Such as vertical panorama. I have set the camp at Moraine Lake road overlooking the Valley of Ten Peaks. Sunrise was muted and uneventful, but when sun finally broke out of clouds later in the morning the scene came alive. I think it turned out quite nicely.


Nikon D800E 24-70 f2.8 – 1/15s – f/22 – ISO 100 panorama of 2 vertical shots.


Lake Agnes

Beautiful Lake Agnes was always in the shade of its larger sister – Louise. Even through Agnes lives higher in the mountains. Today I’m putting her in the spotlight the way she deserves.


Nikon D800E 17-35 f2.8   22mm – 1/40s – f11 ISO 50 Panorama of 3 shots.

Earliest Morning of the Year

Its truly the earliest morning of the year. Each next one from now on will be later 🙂 Having left Calgary at 3:30 we barely made it on time to capture the beautiful sunset at the iconic Morain Lake.


Nikon D800E 17-35 f2.8 24mm – 1/4s – f22 ISO 50