Sunset at Agnes Lake

  • The earth could not match the brilliance of the sky. Even with a soaring shelf of granite, the moody lines of the water, and the stoic poses of the trees, the lure of the sky was unparalleled. The gradient from royal to arctic blue was seamless, and the dusty pink clouds strung up like webs added a final flair. (Banff. Alberta)
  • Image acquired in July, 2014
  • Camera - Nikon D800E
  • Shot Parameters - 17-35mm, ISO 250, 17mm, f/11, 1/50 sec, Composite of 2 shots.
  • Edition Size - 50
  • Typical Print Size - 24" x 43"
  • Framed size is 12 to 15 inches larger than print size above depending on chosen frame
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