• The starburst of the Milky Way shot through the sky like lava. The rich tapestry of stars, each one lovingly pricked with silver, lit up the burgundy sky. The mountains were unmoved, standing resolutely in their Cadbury purple. Violet pools, splattered with stars, looked deep and inviting. The trees gave some respite from the purple scene, but the rocks defied them in a soft shade of lilac. (Assiniboine provincial park)
  • Image acquired in July, 2014
  • Camera - Nikon D800E
  • Shot Parameters - 17-35mm, ISO 4000, 17mm, F/2.8, 30s.
  • Edition Size - 100
  • Typical Print Size - 24" x 47"
  • Framed size is 12 to 15 inches larger than print size above depending on chosen frame
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