Alpine Blossom

  • The gloriously ragged peak dominated the scene. Yet, after some time, the eye seeks out something else. Down the taupe rock we travel, with the sunlight infusing the rock with a warmth that turns it tan. The thick forest momentarily hypnotizes before we reach a crop of rocks. At our feet, a flurry of ferns and white and purple flowers temporarily distract us, before our gaze returns skywards to the pinnacle. (Valley of Ten Peaks. Banff. Alberta.)
  • Image acquired in June, 2016
  • Camera - Nikon D800E
  • Shot Parameters - 24-70 f2.8 – 1/15s – f/22 – ISO 100 panorama of 2 vertical shots.
  • Edition Size - 50
  • Typical Print Size - 60" x 24"
  • Framed size is 12 to 15 inches larger than print size above depending on chosen frame
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