Las Vegas Art Galleries

Las Vegas Art Galleries

Las Vegas is one of the centers of the fine art scene with many fine art galleries worth visiting. To make your life of browsing and categorizing the galleries by the type of art easier I have listed some of the most interesting places to visit using your next stay.

The Best Ten Art Galleries in Vegas (list is being amended)

Natural Wonders Gallery

Three famous artists of photography have joined forces and opened an art gallery in the Post Industrial Commerce center in Vegas. Art Wolfe, Robert B. Park, and Robert Rotella, all prominent names in photography offer their limited edition prints here.


Kush Fine Art Gallery

Art by Vladimir Kush is most often compared to that of Salvador Dali. Fantasmagory depicted on his canvases and in works of sculpture look like it was taken straight from a lucid dream and thrown onto a canvas. Most of the works are available as numbered reproductions of hand-painted artworks. If you however fancy owning an original and are lucky to afford one you can enquire about your options with gallery staff.

kush fine art gallery Las Vegas

William Carr Gallery

Located at Palazzo Grand Hotel Shoppers the gallery offers a premium large format fine art landscape photography by William Carr. The gallery offers limited edition acrylic mounted prints and just visiting the gallery will surely make time fly. The viewing hall is well-appointed and tastefully designed. If you are looking for a premium piece of photography the impressive collection of masterfully taken vibrant images from all over the world won’t disappoint.

William Carr Gallery Las Vegas


Martin Lawrence Gallery

The Martin Lawrence Gallery located at The Forum Shops at Caesars is certainly catering to serious buyers. The gallery hosts a unique collection of original works by world-famous artists. Some of the names you can see there are – Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Ert�, Joan Mir�, and more. Even if you don’t have a budget for a serious purchase it is nevertheless still worth the visit. It surely is very educational to see these famous works of art up close. It helps to read up on the artist’s life story to further enhance the experience.

Martin Lawrence Gallery Las Vegas

National Geographic Art Gallery

Undoubtedly another great destination to visit if you are a fan of fine art photography. The genres span between Landscape and Nature to Wildlife and World Culture. The exposition will certainly offer you a great deal of viewing pleasure.

National Geographic Fine Art galleries in Las Vegas

Rodney Lough Jr. – Wilderness Collections Gallery

Yet another awesome fine art photography gallery to visit. Rodney Lough Jr. has a passion for nature photography. This passion streams on viewers from each of his stunning images. Rodney’s style is indeed pure unaltered photography with minimal post-processing. Which in our day and age is a rarity on its own.


Rodney Lough Jr. - Wilderness Collections Gallery Las Vegas