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  • Ordering Your Prints and Pricing

    What Options Are There?

    Pricing usually depends on size, framing choice, and the popularity of the print. I offer four different finishing options.

    - Unmounted Prints
    - Acrylic Mounted Prints (for framing locally)
    - Frameless Museum Mount Ready to Display
    - Fully Framed Acrylic Mounted Prints

    Below I will describe each option. Shipping expectations for each one. Its pros and cons and price ranges.

    Unmounted Fine-Art Prints

    As an estimate, you may expect the price to start at $400 for a Silver Crystal Paper Print shipped in a tube. You get to choose the type of media used. I offer silver halide papers like FujiFlex and pigment ink prints on metallic media. Purchasing the unmounted print is the most economical choice. Still, it will have to be mounted to get the gallery look.


    Acrylic Mounted Prints

    Acrylic panels without hanging hardware are a perfect choice if you have a good friend in the framing business who can help you get it framed at a bargain price. The panel has the characteristic signature look you may have witnessed in high-end photo art galleries like National Geographic , Peter Lik's, and similar. The acrylic mounted print will come trimmed to size but will not have any hanging hardware.
    Price for acrylic panels starts from $1500 US.


    Acrylic Float Mount Frameless Ready to Display

    Frameless Museum Mount finish is ready to hang popular option. It fits most of the modern interiors with its simple floating mount. Prices for this option start at $1600 US and go up to $2600. The relative sizes for that price range are 24" x 60" and go up to 44" x 95".


    Fully Framed

    And finally, fully framed pieces are available starting from $2000 US. The typical size for that price is 35" x 70" framed. I offer a line of top-quality Italian-crafted framing molding. Prices for the larger pieces with sizes up to 44" x 95" are typically priced at $3,000 to $3500.
    Larger pieces with sizes from 40" x 95" and up are typically priced at $3,000 to $3500.

    I offer a variety of premium quality framing choices. Some of the most popular are ROMA Tabacchino series and Italian Olive seriies.


    How to Order?

    Based on my experience, in most cases, my clients prefer prints of non-standard sizes that would fit their room the best. If you are interested in purchasing a print for your home, reach out via email [email protected] with your desired size and finish. I will be happy to help you along with the process. The best way to make sure your new artwork will fit right in your home is to do the visual mockup with the piece on your wall. To take advantage of this option, I highly recommend emailing the room's photo with some reference dimensions. Seeing the image on your wall will make the purchasing decision much more comfortable. This way, you will eliminate a lot of uncertainty associated with your purchase.


    How Will your Image be Shipped?

    I ship all unmounted prints rolled in a rigid mailing tube via DHL Express. You will get it in two business days maximum. When I send large pieces, I build padded crates like the one shown below and ship via DHL or FedEx Airfreight. Time in transit is 2 to 5 business days, with an average time of about three days. I guarantee the delivery of your order without any damages in transit. In the rare event of anything happening to your print, I will promptly dispatch a free replacement.


    Are all Prints Limited Edition?

    Yes. I don't sell open edition prints. I provide a certificate of authenticity with each of my pieces. The certificate bears the number matching one on the photo, my signature, embossed seal, and holographic label.


    I hope this section answers some of your questions, and if it is not, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


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