Alexander Gubski Fine Art Landscape Photography
  • Shortly about me and how do I make my prints

    The beauty of creation inspires me to live a life where I, too, can create something beautiful.


    I started doing photography when I was twelve years old. I got my first camera then, and it was a 36mm Zorki-6. I have done my part of the dark-room magic and was a first adopter of early digital SLRs. I was shooting in different genres throughout my career but fell in love with grand landscapes.

    The more I progress in my profession, the more I take inspiration from Ansel Adams. Primarily because of his personality, human and professional values. First time I saw his presentation, and was blown away by the difference the size and lighting make in perceiving the image. When I got back home, I started my experiments to achieve the same quality I saw at his gallery. I quickly realized that to get there, I must start from the very beginning. I must pay attention to acquiring the image in the maximum possible resolution. Secondly, I had to develop a processing technique to achieve a style and feel I was happy with. When it comes to image composition and editing, there is, unfortunately, no perfection, and I continue to work to develop my eye.


    Then there were many hours spent in trial and error mounting my prints to acrylic. Even mounting a small 20" x 20" print was a challenge, and I have wasted thousands of dollars worth of materials until I finally figured it out. These days I mount huge 60" x 130" art pieces comfortably enough. I get a real kick when I mount a giant high-resolution print and re-live the experience of being in front of the wonder of nature once again.


    To keep my portfolio alive, I must travel a lot. With the spread of the Internet, it became pretty easy to scout locations for the photoshoot, by scrolling through images online or flying over the virtual landscape in Google Earth. But sometimes, I do actual flying to find interesting spots. I obtained my pilot license in 2012, and since then, I keep asking myself why did I learn to fly a plane and not a helicopter :) The Rocky Mountains are full of wonders, but there are almost no useable runways to land a plane. alex-gubski-the-pilot

    My photo venture is pretty much a one-person gig. I do all steps from taking photos to processing, printing, mounting, framing, and crating for shipment. On the one hand, it gives me certain advantages. I can control my costs better and can offer my customers the best value. Plus, an artist's hand-made artwork carries a unique quality other mass-produced art can't have. On the other hand, there are just a few art pieces I can produce on my own.

    Alex-Gubski-Fine-Art-Framing Alex-Gubski-Fine-Art-Signing Alex-Gubski-Fine-Art-Certificate-of-authenticity

    One can argue the plusses and minuses of my approach, but this style of operation allows me to maintain very competitive prices on my limited edition prints. I don't offer open editions or mixed editions, and every print I make comes with a unique number.
    I want to thank you for stopping by. Please check out the gallery, find information on purchasing options, and a page describing the process of finishing my prints to learn more.


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