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  • Silver Crystal Prints

    My customers often ask me if my prints have a similar light response that they have witnessed at some Las Vegas galleries and showrooms. The light reaction they describe is the glow as if the image was backlit. The answer is yes. Those fine art acrylic mounted prints' characteristic light response is due to the metallic print medium used to produce his photographs.
    There are many brands of fine-art media on the market that share similar light performance. Traditional silver halide photographic papers were the first on the market before the digital reproduction technique caught on. These days modern pigment technology offers better flexibility, light fade resistance of over 200 years, and stunning detail levels.


    I use the same finishing process as top fine-art print labs, which adds luminescent properties to finished pieces that become sensitive to changes in surrounding light. UltraChrome pigment technology guarantees images from fading for over 200 years. Silver-crystal museum-quality paper provides an unprecedented color response.


    Permanent bond to acrylic eliminates refraction, intensifies color, and increases clarity.


    Prints are tightly encapsulated between a layer of acrylic on the front and a rigid backing. Images finished using this technique can be displayed frameless, but I prefer framing them.


    A luxury wooden frame brings focus to the image. Being rich in texture and color, it is a decor component on its own.


    Only top-quality Italian-made wood moldings are selected. I offer a range of the very best quality frame choices available.


    I perform all tasks in my shop from start to finish. And on every stage, I strive to maintain the best quality possible.


    Finished pieces should satisfy my own criteria for look and quality of finish
    I would like to thank you for stopping by, and if you're interested in purchasing one of my prints, you can get familiar with pricing on my sales page


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