Alexander Gubski Fine Art Landscape Photography
  • Silver Crystal Prints

    I use a special finishing process which adds luminescent properties to finished pieces that become sensitive to changes in surrounding light.

    UltraChrome pigment technology guarantees image from fading for over 200 years and silver crystal museum quality paper provides the unprecedented color response.

    Permanent bond to acrylic eliminates refraction, intensifies colour and increases clarity.

    Prints are tightly encapsulated between a layer of acryllic on front and a rigid backing. Images finished using this technique can be displayed frameless, but I do prefer framing them.

    Luxury wooden frames bring focus to the image and being rich in texture and color are themselves a decor component.

    Only top quality Italian made wood moldings are selected. I offer a range of the very best quality frame choices available.

    All tasks are done in my shop from start to finish. I'm assuring the best quality possible on every stage.

    Finished pieces should satify my own criteria for look and quality of finish. Only the best pieces are offered for sale.
    I would like to thank you for stopping by and if you're interested in purchasing one of my prints you can get familiar with pricing on my sales page