Thank you for stopping by. My name is Alexander Gubski. I am an artist and a maker of luxury limited edition fine art photography. I offer premium acrylic mounted silver crystal prints that look backlit when light hits them.

Better Value Alternative to Peter Lik

Every image on this site was taken by me and is offered as a limited edition handmade piece with a completely custom finish to your desired specifications. Word "Artisan" in my case doesn't mean rustic and unsophisticated. I shoot for the most exclusive luxury look and feel that you can expect from the top masters of photography. Except in my case the piece you’ll be getting will not be produced at an industrial facility but in my home shop and by my own hands. It will also be more unique because of the smaller number of prints I allocate for each image.

Luminescent Print Comparing to Peter Lik

What should you expect when purchasing from me?

I'm certainly proud to be a one-man shop doing all the work from taking photos to printing, mounting, framing, and boxing for shipment. I will therefore answer all your questions personally and help with the selection process. I will make for you a piece of luxury limited edition fine art photography. The artwork will come signed, numbered, and with a certificate of authenticity. You will also pay a much more affordable price if you compare it to similar style art from many other artists. The reason for a lower price is the same. I don't employ services of sales staff, pay commercial leases at expensive tourist locations, outsource work to commercial print shops, and custom framers.

Famous Landscape Photographer Alexander Gubski

My customers often ask me if my prints have a similar light response that they have witnessed at many Las Vegas galleries and showrooms. The light reaction they describe is the glow as if the image was backlit. The answer is certainly yes. The reason those prints react to light like this is due to the metallic photo paper used to produce these photographs.

Fine Art Landscape Photographer Alex Gubski

A luxury wooden frame brings focus to the image. Being rich in texture and color, it is a decor component on its own. I use only top-quality Italian-made wood moldings. I offer a range of the very best quality frame choices available.

Framing for fine art photography

I strongly recommend getting your questions answered in FAQ section. Please take a moment to browse my online gallery and feel free to contact me directly if you like anything. You can get an idea of the pricing here and learn more about the process here.

Please see what my customers say about their experience purchasing art from me.

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