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  • Alex Gubski Fine Art 1
  • Alex Gubski Fine Art 1
  • Alex Gubski Fine Art 1
  • Alex Gubski Fine Art 1


Thank you for stopping by. If you are here because you're interested in fine art photography, you're in the right place. My name is Alexander Gubski and I am an artist and a maker of fine art museum quality photography. One of the old-school photography sayings is "A Photograph isn't Complete until it's a Print." And I can't agree more. There is an ocean of difference between looking at a photo on your smartphone screen and standing in front of the same image printed and mounted on a huge acrylic panel.

Better Value Alternative to Peter Lik

Every image on this site was taken by me and is offered as a limited edition handmade piece with completely custom finish to your desired specifications. Word "Artisan" in my case doesn't mean rustic and unsophisticated. I shoot for the most exclusive luxury look and feel that you can expect from the top masters of photography. Except in my case the piece you'll be getting will not be produced at an industrial facility but in my home shop and by my own hands. It will also be more unique because of the smaller number of prints I allocate for each image.

What is limited edition fine art photography? Great question! By limiting the print run fine art photographers create scarcity, which in its turn increases the value of the print. You must agree that it is much more pleasant to possess something unique rather than mass produced.

Famous Landscape Photographer Alexander Gubski

I'm proud to be a one man shop doing all the work from taking photos to printing, mounting, framing and boxing for shipment. Purchasing my artwork you are getting a 100% artist handmade piece at a much affordable price compared to many other artists who have to employ services of sales staff, pay commercial leases at expensive tourist locations, outsource work to commercial print shops and custom framers.

Fine Art Landscape Photographer Alex Gubski

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    There is a variety of choices when it comes to finishing your art.

Shortly about me

Alex Gubski
I'm a self taught fine art photographer. By training I'm a petroleum engineer. The career that allowed me to see the world and now have this opportunity to explore technical limits of image acquisition and reproduction. I'm enjoying my craft for 8 years now and love every minute of it.

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