Low Tide

One of my recent visits to the Canon Beach of Oregon. It was a lucky time of low tide coinciding with a magnificent sunset. Hope you will enjoy seeing it.



Strolling through a city park one morning I have run into this beautiful scene. Trees just started to change color and sun rays breaking through the tree crowns left amazing light pattern in the grass.


Heart of the Rockies

Powerful river gently hugs a small island before roaring impatiently down the cliff in a spectacular fall. Famous Sunwapta falls is one of the gems of Jasper national park that is a must see destination on its own.

24-70mm, 50mm, ISO100, 1/30s, f/11, 252 megapixel composite image

Guardians of the Sun

I’m very excited to release this 500 megapixel masterpiece – Guardians of the Sun. The image is a product of multi-row panorama of 17 individual shots and sports massive level of details on pints up to 15 feet wide.


Cape Kiwanda

One of my favorite spots along pacific highway is Cape Kiwanda. Long beaches and tall dunes attract visitors from all over Oregon. I have a vision for this spot and each time I visit this place I get a little closer but The Grand Landscape is still to come.

Nikon D850 24-70mm f/2.8. 1/200sec; f6.3; ISO 200; panorama of 5 shots

Shape of Sand

The Indian name for Antelope Canyon is Tsé bighánílíní, which means ‘the place where water runs through rocks. Handful of sand tossed into a sun ray by our Navajo guide sparkled and twisted in the air creating mystical shapes. Finer sand dust lingered creating vague shifting shapes as if playing a strange charade with us trying to see some recognizable shapes in swirls of sparkling particles.