“Lavender Summer”

Visiting famous lavender fields of French Provence was on my bucket list for years. The experience of standing between perfectly shaped rows of blossoming lavender is truly surreal. The smell, sound of buzzing bees and endless spans of the fields puts your mind in meditating state.

6 series of 5 focus stacked 45 megapixel shots assembled for maximum resolution. Full image is 240 Megapixels.

Butchard Gardens

Last week we had a family trip to Vancouver Island and of course we couldn’t be there without visiting famous Butchard Gardens. One of the best botanic gardens in North America. This is how the 100 years old limestone quarry that was turned into a garden looks like after dark.

Ice and Fire

One of the most mesmerizing spots in Iceland is Glacier Lagoon situated in about 5 hrs drive from Reykjavik. The view of icebergs being slowly moved to the ocean by dark waters is truly surreal. Advantage of visiting in the middle of the summer is a rare opportunity of witnessing of what feels like ever lasting sunsets. This red glory was burning for at least an hour straight.

Some of the finishing options

Splendor of Santorini

Santorini was the first stop of my recent European tour. The island is remarkable with its unique architecture. Every corner is a photo opportunity. And village of Oia is the crown jewel of the island.

Glory of the Dawn

An epic Palouse Falls. A witness of tremendous tectonic transformation that took place over past glacial cycles. Over 115 meters deep canyon walls carved by melting glaciers floods roaring over this place for many thousands of years.