Ice and Fire

One of the most mesmerizing spots in Iceland is Glacier Lagoon situated in about 5 hrs drive from Reykjavik. The view of icebergs being slowly moved to the ocean by dark waters is truly surreal. Advantage of visiting in the middle of the summer is a rare opportunity of witnessing of what feels like ever lasting sunsets. This red glory was burning for at least an hour straight.

Some of the finishing options

Splendor of Santorini #2

More photos from the streets of Oia. One thing I learned, albeit too late, is that the only way to get clear shot of the streets is to wake up early and get out before the sunrise while most of vacationers are still in their beds. Although village of Oia is known for its majestic sunsets, from photographer’s point of view it is better to leave your camera in a hotel room and book nice dinner table for that hour. Then once the sun is down and dinner is over it may be worth to stroll through the streets and get some evening dusk shots.

Splendor of Santorini

Santorini was the first stop of my recent European tour. The island is remarkable with its unique architecture. Every corner is a photo opportunity. And village of Oia is the crown jewel of the island.