This image was taken at marvellous Emerald Lake on an Easter evening.  Middle of the spring is usually the end of a busy tourist season at Emerald Lake. I wasn’t expecting much as I walked on empty trails covered in melting snow looking for a vantage point to set my camera as the skies started to come alive. In just few seconds the scene have exploded dramatically into a vibrant beauty and in less than a minute it was over.

566_Calgary_photographer_Alexander_GubskiNikon D800E 17-35 f2.8; 17mm; f13; 1/15s; circular polarizer;

Spring in the Rockies

This is the first time I can remember when mountain valleys were so clear of ice and snow in March. Emily and I took a short excursion to K Country just to check some favourite spots.





Some of the snow remains north of Mt Kid.