The Virus

Virus changes everyone’s life. And who knew that I’ll be selling virus itself one day And it would go to New York! I may not agree with Thomas Eliot’s prediction as it may take much stronger menace than this to put an end to humanity but message surely resonates with the many people these days.

Thank you Neal for the rare opportunity to work with you on this.

Cape Kiwanda

One of my favorite spots along pacific highway is Cape Kiwanda. Long beaches and tall dunes attract visitors from all over Oregon. I have a vision for this spot and each time I visit this place I get a little closer but The Grand Landscape is still to come.

Nikon D850 24-70mm f/2.8. 1/200sec; f6.3; ISO 200; panorama of 5 shots

Shape of Sand

The Indian name for Antelope Canyon is TsĂ© bighánĂ­lĂ­nĂ­, which means ‘the place where water runs through rocks. Handful of sand tossed into a sun ray by our Navajo guide sparkled and twisted in the air creating mystical shapes. Finer sand dust lingered creating vague shifting shapes as if playing a strange charade with us trying to see some recognizable shapes in swirls of sparkling particles.

Some portrait work for a change

Recently I saw quite a few ads on Instagram and Facebook offering Photoshop presets capable of turning any portrait into a piece of art. So, I decided to give it a try and see how hard it will be to achieve the same look and feel as shown on those ads without magic presets. I have looked through my files and found few shots I have done for my friends in past years. So I got the raw files and went ahead with editing. I have spent about 15 min on each edit. Let me know what you think.