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More of the follow up from the show.

The first copy of the center piece – “The Spirit Island” is now sold. As well as the scene from Antelope Canyon – “In The Spotlight”. Only 4 copies of this image are outstanding before the series of 50 is fully sold out.


Emily was helping to answer questions as my vocal chords were taking a break 🙂



More of Canadian Rockies

Some of the photos from last trip to Jasper.

52_Calgary_photographer_Alexander_GubskiNikon D800E, 70-200mm, ISO 200, 102mm, F11, 1/200s.  Panorama of 4 shots.

57_Calgary_photographer_Alexander_GubskiNikon D800E, 24-70mm, ISO 200, 34mm, F8, 1/1250s. Panorama of 5 shots.

Nikon D800E, 24-70mm, ISO 100, 70mm, F9, 1/160s.

59_Calgary_photographer_Alexander_GubskiNikon D800E, 24-70mm, ISO 1EV under 100, 26mm, F22, 1/2s. Panorama of 8 shots.

55_Calgary_photographer_Alexander_GubskiNikon D800E, 24-70mm, ISO 100, 24mm, F10, 1/200s.

Bow Lake

Continuing with Jasper adventure. This location actually belongs to Banff National Park but few stop by there unless they are on the way to Jasper. The Bow Lake. It may look rough with sea like swell and unwelcoming steep wall backing it from the west. I was hoping to get that wild cold look when I was on my way there, but instead I found serene crystal clear beauty.

53_Calgary_photographer_Alexander_GubskiNikon D800E, 17-35mm, ISO 200, 17mm, F11, 1/200s


Mistaya Canyon

Another hidden gem of Banff National Park – Mistaya Canyon. You wont find directions to in on Google Maps. Take my word. Just look for a sign about 5 min south of Saskatchewan river crossing on Icefields Highway.


Sunwapta Falls

Just came back from overnight trip to Jasper. How could I miss this place in July??? With all due respect to Parks Canada at this location there are way too many fences to keep tourists away from slippery edges. They probably do the job keeping people alive but what a pain to remove them from photos to restore the natural look!