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Luxury Fine Art ROMA Moulding Custom Frames

One of my favourite styles of framing is using beautiful natural wood mouldings from ROMA Moulding. The rich texture and natural colours accentuate the beauty of the photo and complement the style for an exclusive rich look. I personally build every frame and liner for a 100% artisan product. All mouldings I use are from Italian Imports.

ROMA Moulding custom frame

ROMA Tabacchino Collection

This collection comes in 5 different tones from light brown to near black. I find myself most often using 3 of them. These are Tobacco Leaf, Cigar Leaf, and Dark Ash.

ROMA Tabacchino Frames

A four-inch wide frame combined with a custom seamless linen-wrapped liner creates a fantastic combination. It draws focus tho the photo and provides plenty of separation from the display environment.

ROMA Moulding Tabacchino Frames

ROMA Moulding Tabacchino custom frame

One of the popular combinations is with a 2.5″ wide scooped liner.

ROMA Tabacchino

Spirit of the Earth ROMA Tabacchino

ROMA Tabacchino Dark Ash

ROMA Moulding Tabacchino Dark Ash

ROMA Moulding Tabacchino Cigar Leaf

Custom Framed Photography Fine Art

Matching a frame to an image and making sure it blends well with the room interior is an important step in the production of an artwork. The photograph’s subject must pair well with the colour and texture of the frame to create visual harmony. In my daily routine, I often ask my customers to share photos of their homes to understand the environment where the artwork will be displayed. To be thorough, I take into an account wall colour, style of furnishing, and amount of natural light.

I also offer a variety of high-quality mouldings from other manufacturers. Some of the examples include Italian Olive Frames that rival ROMA Moulding in quality and feel.


These frames have a deeper rabbet cut than ROMA Tabachino and work very nicely with scooped liners.

Italian Olive Light

Custom Framed Fine Art

Italian Olive Frame

Italian Olive Frame

Italian Olive Frame

Italian Olive Frame

Italian Olive Dark Ash

Linen Wrapped Liners

Why use a liner? There is a tradition when framing visual art to provide separation of the artwork from the external environment. There are no special rules and many artists make a point of displaying their art in minimalistic frames or entirely frameless. I believe a well matching frame adds a lot to the piece of art and while being an important visual part of the whole art piece it requires some spacing from the picture.

black linen wrapped liner

If there is the room I love wide bevelled liners that provide maximum separation at no expense to the size of the print. In situations where adding a wide liner to the piece will come at an expense of the print size, I offer narrower liner options. Those liners nevertheless create an amazing depth contrast between the planes of the frame and the print itself.

scooped linen wrapped liner

Chopped Liners

Many framing shops offer chopped prewrapped liners they buy from wholesale framing manufacturers. It is much cheaper and doesn’t require as much effort. These liners exhibit a characteristic seam at the joint corner.


While this is fine for scooped liners, leaving a seam while using a flat bevelled liner looks sloppy in my opinion. Liner cleaning may involve dusting or brushing and with time it will loosen the thread at the joining making it even more unsightly.

That’s why I only offer hand-wrapped seamless liners. I build my own bevelled liners from dry poplar stock. I then carefully prime them and build them to accept the acrylic-mounted print. Only then do I hand-wrap them with a single piece of black canvas. The process is long and labour-intensive but it yields the most uniform and premium look.