Glory of Greece

Beautiful festive colors, pink, blue, golden white brightening every hallway and byway. Colors soft and bright covering the town in a golden glow under a majestic sunset painted sky. Brushstrokes of heavenly beauty on a canvas that spans the seas. Seamless fusion of man’s creation and the glory of nature.

450 Megapixel panorama of town of Oia, Santorini.

Low Tide

One of my recent visits to the Canon Beach of Oregon. It was a lucky time of low tide coinciding with a magnificent sunset. Hope you will enjoy seeing it.



Strolling through a city park one morning I have run into this beautiful scene. Trees just started to change color and sun rays breaking through the tree crowns left amazing light pattern in the grass.



Fertile farmlands of Alberta spanning for hundreds of miles suddenly drop into a different world of prehistoric landscapes. Towering hoodoos and canyons sculpted by rains offer a rare glimpse on Earth’s distant past.

Heart of the Rockies

Powerful river gently hugs a small island before roaring impatiently down the cliff in a spectacular fall. Famous Sunwapta falls is one of the gems of Jasper national park that is a must see destination on its own.

24-70mm, 50mm, ISO100, 1/30s, f/11, 252 megapixel composite image